William Gilbert Lightner

William Gilbert Lightner who is famous for saving domestic animals who happen to be in severe condition.

Domestic Animals being cared and loved by William in Georgia.

Tis blog will tell you about a man who is completely devoted towards helping domestic animals who are usually in danger. Willaim Gilbert Lightner’s dream was when achieved when he saw three Labrabor puppies were searching for food near trash. Currently, William lives in Marietta, Georgia and there only he runs an animal shelter named as Lightner Rescue shelter. Let me tell you something about William, that he always keep three bottles with him for the puppies who are not in good physical state. People who live near him don’t take care about those puppies. William says, ‘What if they are left out in hot summers without food and water for whole day.’, says Mr. Lightner. He even works as an audio engineer at his home studio. He also worked with local musicians from Marietta.

Talking about his family, then during his childhood there was a dog ‘Murphy’, he was like his family to him and he was very much disappointed when he died. William has got music from his father, as he was a Jazz Player. Earlier Willaim Gilbert Lightner used to hate music but later he even started to enjoy music.

We should talk about some of his interests and leisure activities, he not exclusively is partial to save animals but Willaim Gilbert Lightner is enamored with food and cooking. Playing golf and Football is his most loved time with his companions. He even has a GF, who he cherishes a great deal and regularly goes out for supper. She even cares for his shelter home and they both invest their energy enjoying their pastimes. Gilbert adores tuning in to Jazz music. Gilbert and his GF are even enamored with making a trip and love to welcome the neighborhood culture of the place they travel. He cherishes to watch films on god and one of his most loved is 'Eight Below'. Come let me describe you an incident occurred with Gilbert, Willaim Gilbert Lightner's GF has two cats and once he and his GF finished their dinner and saw that one of the cat (Sayan) was missing. He didn't give a hesitation and asked for that his GF sit in the truck and both started chasing down the cat. After searching her cat for more than long two hours, the cat was found in the family room, overwhelmed. She almost certainly observed places in light of the way that the cat had all the evidence of being eaten by the earth itself. This whole experience gave him the slant he never had. He comprehended that he finished something supportive in light of the fact that his GF was diminished when we both found her cat. This clicked him to open an animal ensure in light of the way that there are many pets in the city that don't have people to manage them, not at all like Sayan.
One of the biggest achievements of William Gilbert Lightner is to open animal shelter home for homeless animals. He is actually a local super hero. For more about info visit